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Einleitungszeit - Die Menschzerstörung [cassette rip - 1995]

Just got this in the mail off ebay, from what i'm pretty sure was the personal collection of John Balistreri of Slogun. Einleitungszeit are the embodiment of everything i look for in industrial music. A combination of Leichenschrei era SPK mixed with a healthy dose of Befehlsnotstand era Nocturnal Emissions and a complete understanding of nightmarish analog epicness ala Dissecting Table and Vivenza. This early cassette is one of their more "industrial" releases, much of their later work sees the distortion turned way up and the entire atmosphere comes off allot more noisy.

:EDIT: Just Found this review in an old issue of Audio Drudge!

EINLEITUNGSZEIT - die Menschzerstörung
If you're a fan of power electronics this
unnerving cassette will have you pinching
yourself. No, you're not asleep and this is not a
dream, this is pure fucking ecstasy and its in
your tape deck! I don't know What happened in
a small town in Slovakia to spawn its creation,
but whatever it was we could use some of it on
this side of the Atlantic! Take the tortured
mechanical elements of MZ.412, the
sado-digitalized terror of vintage Sigillum S,
and the gritty violent aggression of Genocide
Organ, and combine it with a huge portion of
maniacal originality and you'll begin to get an
idea of Einleitungszeit. But, even with that in
mind, its almost impossible to prepare for the
chaotic brutality of this release... especially at
high volumes! As the machines collide,
annihilate, and pulverize, metallic percussion
drives nails into your spine with the grace of a
sledgehammer. Even as you lay paralyzed and
helpless, treated vocals scream an endless
stream of commands. Tons of shifting layers
and areas explored here and you'll never once
get bored ...just play it loud and prepare for
total sensory overload! Sheesh, I don't think
I've ever used that many exclamation points in
one review before. Crewzine. -JM.
(JM is Jason Mantis of Malignant Records)

I originally discovered this band thanks to the post over at Sean posted 4 great albums and thanks to him i have a new favorite band.

A side
B side
HQ scans of the cassette sleeve and insert included.


Lärm In Werkhallen (6:38)
Aus Dem Vokoder (8:19)
Übermensch (6:06)
Nichts (7:43)
Feiern Den Tod (5:33)
Zerstöre Das! (7:05)
Arbeit Macht Frei (5:42)
Mutation (6:18)
Metalidee (2:07)
Transformation (5:19)
Di-gi-t (7:00)


Anonymous said...


Purest radness to have! I JUST ORDERED THE B-R-A-N-D N-E-W CD FROM THEM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post... where you been?

icepick method said...

Hey Brad. Never intended to be a daily poster, i don't have the drive. Mostly Trying to post relevant stuff that is also rare enough to not piss off the artists, I'm seeing more and more deleted blogs lately. and everything i post is from my collection. I'd have a post for every day of the year if i started putting up stuff from my mp3 collection. Ripping, scanning, compressing, straightening, rar'ing, uploading, and researching are timeconsuming. I'm not exactly a wordsmith as you can tell from my posting, Actually thinking up what to say besides "i leik dis stuff" and throwing up a tracklist is like pulling teeth.

Next up will probably be a bunch of 7"s i've been digitizing. I've also just received an old zine with an extensive zewizz interview you'd love. At present my scanner has a condensation problem, Every time it heats up the glass inside fogs up. I need to open it up and clean the glass, and possibly line it with silica packets.

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Conjunction Vitus said...

I recently found out about this band and absolutely love it. It reminds me - sort of - of old SPK, Controlled Bleeding, Nocturnal Emisssions, even some TG, Throbbing Gristle. Merzbow is rockin too in the "noise" are. Maybe you have, maybe not. Here's all SPK, Controlled Bleeding, Throbbing Gristle, Nocturnal Emissions and Merzbow I've found lately. I am pretty sure all links are still valid
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I appologize if the links show up broken etc, copy and paste from a notepad, doesn't always come out properly.

Anonymous said...

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irad said...

CHEERS. amazing blog!!! keep it up and running. Leichenschrei is a masterpiece!

Guillaume said...

nice stuff man! i like it!
i added your blog to my fav list.
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