Saturday, December 22, 2007

Einleitungszeit - Die Menschzerstörung [cassette rip - 1995]

Just got this in the mail off ebay, from what i'm pretty sure was the personal collection of John Balistreri of Slogun. Einleitungszeit are the embodiment of everything i look for in industrial music. A combination of Leichenschrei era SPK mixed with a healthy dose of Befehlsnotstand era Nocturnal Emissions and a complete understanding of nightmarish analog epicness ala Dissecting Table and Vivenza. This early cassette is one of their more "industrial" releases, much of their later work sees the distortion turned way up and the entire atmosphere comes off allot more noisy.

:EDIT: Just Found this review in an old issue of Audio Drudge!

EINLEITUNGSZEIT - die Menschzerstörung
If you're a fan of power electronics this
unnerving cassette will have you pinching
yourself. No, you're not asleep and this is not a
dream, this is pure fucking ecstasy and its in
your tape deck! I don't know What happened in
a small town in Slovakia to spawn its creation,
but whatever it was we could use some of it on
this side of the Atlantic! Take the tortured
mechanical elements of MZ.412, the
sado-digitalized terror of vintage Sigillum S,
and the gritty violent aggression of Genocide
Organ, and combine it with a huge portion of
maniacal originality and you'll begin to get an
idea of Einleitungszeit. But, even with that in
mind, its almost impossible to prepare for the
chaotic brutality of this release... especially at
high volumes! As the machines collide,
annihilate, and pulverize, metallic percussion
drives nails into your spine with the grace of a
sledgehammer. Even as you lay paralyzed and
helpless, treated vocals scream an endless
stream of commands. Tons of shifting layers
and areas explored here and you'll never once
get bored ...just play it loud and prepare for
total sensory overload! Sheesh, I don't think
I've ever used that many exclamation points in
one review before. Crewzine. -JM.
(JM is Jason Mantis of Malignant Records)

I originally discovered this band thanks to the post over at Sean posted 4 great albums and thanks to him i have a new favorite band.

A side
B side
HQ scans of the cassette sleeve and insert included.


Lärm In Werkhallen (6:38)
Aus Dem Vokoder (8:19)
Übermensch (6:06)
Nichts (7:43)
Feiern Den Tod (5:33)
Zerstöre Das! (7:05)
Arbeit Macht Frei (5:42)
Mutation (6:18)
Metalidee (2:07)
Transformation (5:19)
Di-gi-t (7:00)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

C.O.T.A. - Terra-ist (cassette rip, 1994)

This was given to me in a plastic shoppingbag full of cassettes from one of my sister's older friends when i was about 17. Mixed in with a bunch of old mixtapes, peter murphy, sinead o'conner, christian death, and a homemade copy of Spellbound Submission by Sleep Chamber.
At the time i considered it sort of droney non-music and hated it. It's amazing how much perspective i've gained in the past 10 years because listening to it today i like it alot. Slow churning tribal industrial with Minimal chanting/vocals, analog synth and effects. Discogs says there were 222 copies made, "The first 93 of those were packaged in hand-screened and sewn pouches containing an information sheet, volcanic rock, pine resin, sage, snake skin, desert sand, and fire ash." As hippy as that sounds the music is actually rather dark and hypnotic. In 1997 COTA was signed to Charnel House alongside Hybryds and Crash Worship.

Ripped from my original cassette, i left the mp3's as one file per side, there's 4 distinct tracks on each side but low chanting/fx weirdness between tracks so no distinguishable cut point. Scans of the artwork included in part1, click on the pic for fullsize.


Red Bloody Urth
Violent Nature
From Aliens To Indians

Deep Within The Womb Of The Mother (Part 1)
Deep Within The Womb Of The Mother (Part 2)
Deep Within The Womb Of The Mother (Part 3)
Deep Within The Womb Of The Mother (Part 4)

A side
B Side

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kingdom Of Noise VHS

Just got done posting this to youtube. This video collection was released on Endorphine Factory in 1993. It contains live footage and video art from Aube, Incapacitants,Dislocation, Masonna, Seed Mouth, Violent Onsen Geisha, Solmania, Merzbow, C.C.C.C., and Hijo Kaiman (with Masami Akita on drums).

Thursday, September 6, 2007

V.A. - Testament (RRRecords-028, 1988)

[A1] Arcane Device - Lathe
[A2] Illusion Of Safety - Devices To Be Used
[A3] S.B.O.T.H.I. - Ens
Tape [Musical Material] - Arcane Device , Emil Beaulieau , Illusion Of Safety , Rik Rue
[A4] Rik Rue - Dead Travel Faster
[A5] Eric Lunde - Cock O (Penetration)
[A6] Eric Lunde - Cunt O (Suffocation)
[A7] Native X - S-O-S

[B1] Sink Manhattan - Autocratic
[B2] Sink Manhattan - Unsung
[B3] Geins't Naït - La Callas
[B4] Massimo Toniutti - Gravi²
[B5] Randy Greif - Abeam Jidda Socotra
[B6] John Wiggins - Love Song Of The Neo-Media

Compilation released on RRRecords in 1988, The cover is actually an lp size glossy zine with each artist getting a two page spread. I'd like to scan it and share, but do to the oversized nature of it, it would be a massive headache puzzlepiecing multiple scans together to create the individual pages.
I did the best i could with the S.B.O.T.H.I. section, his contribution was very similar to the Captured Music concept, only his tracks are a series of breaks,parts, empty space, and locked grooves, see diagram:


Side 2 has alot of artists i've never heard of before, but for me they've outdone the more well known artists on side 1. well, Aside from Sink Manhattan, who seem to be the odd man out on this comp. Like a punk rock killing joke with chu ishikawa on percussion.


V.A. - Captured Music (P16.D4/S.B.O.T.H.I./Asmus Tietchens/etc..

Basically an experiment in cut-up using live recordings from the Captured Music Festival as source.

Side 1: transformation of the basic material, organized and composed by
Artists (source material): Hafler Trio, Nicolas Collins, Christian Marclay, Nachtluft, P16.D4, Psychic Television (Genesis and Paula P-Orrige, on this occasion), S.B.O.T.H.I., Elliott Sharp and Asmus Tietchens.

Side 2: Further transformation of side 1 by Asmus Tietechen, S.B.O.T.H.I., and Nachtluft.

From the linernotes:
"Captured Music-Festival: 25th - 27th February 1987, Karlsruhe, Germany. Concerts of 'classical' electroaccoustic music of the 50's and 60's, confronted with actual productions. Crucial point: the different aspects of cut up- techniques, problems of authorship.
All recorded during the festival. Instead of 'authentic' live- documentation: Continuation of the principles of work used during the festival: The recordings of the festival themselves are the cut-up material.
Extensive fragmentation of the material: expansion, reorganisation, detail selection and combination resulting in nine short pieces. The original side of SIDE 1 remains the recognizable working model, the sound treatment concentrating on the specific interface, resulting from the confrontation, in a supportive or opposing manner; the treatment being determined by the original material's inherent structure. The complex of nine pieces and ten breaks should be understood as a 'passage' between complex 1 (Tietchens) and 3 (Nachtluft), In addition to the resulting 'third generation documentation' the process is opened up the the eventual fourth."

This LP Was released on Selektion Records in 1989, cat#
SLP 019. For more from this label check out posts from Atlantic Audio Archive. AAA has posted some very early cassettes from this label.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleep Chamber - Babylon 12" (1986)

Released on John Zewizz' own Inner-X-Musick label under the cat. number XXX-EP-1. Babylon appears to be the only release on Inner-x to sport the EP prefix in their release list, though i haven't been able to find a master list of everything they've released so i could be wrong. The music on these 4 tracks is typical of the mid 80's era sleep chamber. Minimal bass/drums punctuated by various sound effects, synth sounds, and on 3 of the tracks whispered/sung female vocals, with John's voice high in the mix over the music.

The Discogs entry lists the credits as: Performer - John Zewizz , Michael Moynihan , Thomas Thorn Though i don't see any of these names appearing on the album cover. Perhaps my copy is missing an infosheet or recordsleeve. The album cover info only lists the performers as "Special thanx to Jonathan Briley for introduction ov "Her Second Skin", Mariea Foster for voice in "Babylon", and Kristen Sour for invocation ov inspiration."

A1 Her Second Skin
A2 Babes Ov Babylon
B1 Dreams While Drowning
B2 Babylon Babes

Hopefully massmirror will unfuck itself by the time you read this, at the moment it's throwing all kinds of errors.

I was also planning on Ripping my other sleep chamber LP's Submit To Desire and Satanic Sanction, but it appears i've been beaten to the punch, you can find both those releases and many more E3 over at

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Relevent posts from others

I've discovered so many great things the past few weeks, stuff i've never heard of. here's a few that are extremely relevent to my interests and this site.

Devil From The East / A Decade Of Yoshida Tatsuya
Rare Dissecting Table track on this compilation of Yoshida Tatsuya appearences.

MERGE live 1990 or 91, Masonic Temple, Balmain
Last Dominion Lost - Alternate Mix
Both wonderful post-spk documents that are pretty essential in understanding the eventual direction spk took once it was just Graeme and Sinan. Merge and Last Dominion lost are the true followups to Leichenschrei.

Sat Stoicizmo - Jacati Tejelo Sportom
This is the best industrial lp i've heard in probably the last 5 years. When i think of the word industrial as it pertains to music, this is exactly what i think of.

Vivenza - Réalités Servo Mécaniques
This is pretty essential as well.

Jonathan Briley - Darker Profits
Excellent rare album, Jonathan's work is terrifying industrial/cut-up/nightmare electronics. If you only download one of the things i've listed here, make it this album.

Einleitungszeit - 4 albums
More great oldschool industrial that i'd never heard of before. I'd say thanks to the guy over at Damaging Noise, but he seems to do a hell of alot of reposting from other blogs without giving due credit.

A.B.G.S. - Werksbeschallung
Haven't had a chance to completely absorb this yet, not as impressed apon first listen as the poster was. Cranio said:
"I think ABGS was one of the best projects in this field of "metal-percussion-industrial". Very powerful rhythms and well arranged structures just made from metal, voice and room. My favorite record is the "Bunkerbeschallung" release."

Thanks to all the posters of these fine albums, i intend to purchase all of these releases that i can find. Old Europa Cafe and Freak Animal have a few of them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Zeitlich Vergelter - Schlagen/Dimension 7" (1985)

First known appearance of Chu ishikawa, best known for scoring the film Tetsuo: The Iron Man, as well as many of Shinya Tsukamoto's other films. Supposedly the band was made up of Chu and a member of the band Soft Ballet, but i can't find any info to confirm which member it is. The most info i've been able to find is a japanese blog entry Here (translated poorly to english: google, babelfish) which mentions a member named Neu from the band YBO², yet i can't find a mention of anyone in that band by that name. Not surprised though, YBO² crosshatches into the entire japanese scene of that time. More info about The Soft Ballet connection Here, though no way to confirm any of it. Linked at the bottom of that japanese blog is a couple of interesting pictures, click for larger.
Figure 2 Left To Right: KK Null, Chu Ishikawa, Neu, Kitamura

Get the 7" Here

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hunting Lodge - Nomad Souls

Last Hunting Lodge post is their 1984 LP Nomad Souls. Containing some of my favorite work of theirs, especially the first track on side 2. Wolf Hour is absolutely haunting, and following it is the equally excellent Rhythm Cage. A couple tracks contain that funk bass you hear alot on early clock dva and cabs material, but for once it doesn't annoy me. The rest of the material is a combination of their different styles, the earlier horror industrial, repeatative chanting pieces, and spk klanging. For more of the horror industrial type stuff go grab The Harrington Ballroom cassette over at dorfdisco braunsfeld.

And get Nomad Souls Here

Hunting Lodge - Tribal Warning Shot 12" (Normal Records Edt.)

I was going to do these in somewhat chronological order but screw it, i'll save the best for last, first here's The normal records Version of Tribal Warning Shot. The b-side is just a live version of the title track.
Get it Here

Hunting Lodge - Night From Night 7"

Back in April mutantsounds posted the Exhumed cassette, and that's what gave me the idea to pull out my old vinyl, first up is Hunting lodge's first 7". Night From Night was released in Dec. 1983. The title track is a slow rather lo-fi rhythmic piece with the title repeated over and over. The b-side is an untitled track that sounds like Hunting Lodge's attempt at kodo. For more info go check out the Exhumed post, mutantsounds posted an entire biography with interviews and such. i suck at these writeups.
Get the 45 Here

Dissecting Table - Why 7"

This is ichiro's second release on 7" and the last time he's seen a vinyl release. The b side is an alternate version of Camouflage, The original is B2 on the UPD 7".

Get it Here

Dissecting Table - Ultimate Psychological Description 7"

Starting things off with a rare one here. This is Dissecting Table's first release on his own UPD label. Very much in the style of early spk/white hospital, combining elements of horror soundtracks like screaming and a baseline you could stalk prey to, with live percussion, metal clanging, and Ichiro's violent incoherent (to these western ears) ranting.

Download Here

Not so much post-industrial as post-spk

Inspired by Mutant-sounds, dualtrack, The Shredder, thethingonthedoorstep, etc. i've started my own. Probably won't be updated as much as those others, much like my other zine related blog Shock Corridor which i haven't updated since may. But it's something. Starting off with a few pieces from my collection, Mostly exploring the post-SPK brand of industrial.