Sunday, August 26, 2007

Relevent posts from others

I've discovered so many great things the past few weeks, stuff i've never heard of. here's a few that are extremely relevent to my interests and this site.

Devil From The East / A Decade Of Yoshida Tatsuya
Rare Dissecting Table track on this compilation of Yoshida Tatsuya appearences.

MERGE live 1990 or 91, Masonic Temple, Balmain
Last Dominion Lost - Alternate Mix
Both wonderful post-spk documents that are pretty essential in understanding the eventual direction spk took once it was just Graeme and Sinan. Merge and Last Dominion lost are the true followups to Leichenschrei.

Sat Stoicizmo - Jacati Tejelo Sportom
This is the best industrial lp i've heard in probably the last 5 years. When i think of the word industrial as it pertains to music, this is exactly what i think of.

Vivenza - Réalités Servo Mécaniques
This is pretty essential as well.

Jonathan Briley - Darker Profits
Excellent rare album, Jonathan's work is terrifying industrial/cut-up/nightmare electronics. If you only download one of the things i've listed here, make it this album.

Einleitungszeit - 4 albums
More great oldschool industrial that i'd never heard of before. I'd say thanks to the guy over at Damaging Noise, but he seems to do a hell of alot of reposting from other blogs without giving due credit.

A.B.G.S. - Werksbeschallung
Haven't had a chance to completely absorb this yet, not as impressed apon first listen as the poster was. Cranio said:
"I think ABGS was one of the best projects in this field of "metal-percussion-industrial". Very powerful rhythms and well arranged structures just made from metal, voice and room. My favorite record is the "Bunkerbeschallung" release."

Thanks to all the posters of these fine albums, i intend to purchase all of these releases that i can find. Old Europa Cafe and Freak Animal have a few of them.

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