Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleep Chamber - Babylon 12" (1986)

Released on John Zewizz' own Inner-X-Musick label under the cat. number XXX-EP-1. Babylon appears to be the only release on Inner-x to sport the EP prefix in their release list, though i haven't been able to find a master list of everything they've released so i could be wrong. The music on these 4 tracks is typical of the mid 80's era sleep chamber. Minimal bass/drums punctuated by various sound effects, synth sounds, and on 3 of the tracks whispered/sung female vocals, with John's voice high in the mix over the music.

The Discogs entry lists the credits as: Performer - John Zewizz , Michael Moynihan , Thomas Thorn Though i don't see any of these names appearing on the album cover. Perhaps my copy is missing an infosheet or recordsleeve. The album cover info only lists the performers as "Special thanx to Jonathan Briley for introduction ov "Her Second Skin", Mariea Foster for voice in "Babylon", and Kristen Sour for invocation ov inspiration."

A1 Her Second Skin
A2 Babes Ov Babylon
B1 Dreams While Drowning
B2 Babylon Babes

Hopefully massmirror will unfuck itself by the time you read this, at the moment it's throwing all kinds of errors.

I was also planning on Ripping my other sleep chamber LP's Submit To Desire and Satanic Sanction, but it appears i've been beaten to the punch, you can find both those releases and many more E3 over at


Anonymous said...

I am going to redirect your readers to for Submit to Desire... I pulled my post down, you can read the comments as to why. I do still have a ton of other Sleep Chamber relevant stuff available.

icepick method said...

One note about this rip, The only track i declicked was B1, it really needed it and it was the only one i could run through clickrepair and not pick up the drums, even set to declick 1% it was catching all the drums on the other 3 tracks.

Anonymous said...


congrats with your nice blog!

Thanks for the link to my blog,so I did the same for you.

Thanks for the Hunting Lodge 12" & 7".

Dualtrack said...

I appreciate your explanation regarding your careful process of declicking. It's a detail most people either overlook or don't pay attention to.

Are you using Adobe Audition for capturing & declicking?